All of our recipes are from Facing East,
Qq’s award-winning sister restaurant in Bellevue

Voted best Chinese Restaurant by 425 Magazine, 2018
Best 50 Chinese restaurants in the country by CNN Travel Network
Best Chinese restaurant in Washington state by Yahoo
17 Best Chinese Restaurants in America by Time Out Magazine

Our Popular Pork Burgers

Pork Burger | QQ Bites Seattle

Pork Burger | QQ Bites Seattle

About Qq by Facing East

The Taiwanese population is a mixture of different cultures

Immigrants from China in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries
Mainlanders in the post 1949 period

The cuisine originated in the dishes popular with the Hoklo people from what is now the Fujeng province in China. The Fujeng cities of Fuzhou, Chuanzuo and Hsiasmen developed distinct variations on the basic Hoklo cuisine.

Iconic items from Facing East, Qq’s award winning sister restaurant in Bellevue, such as the renowned 5-spiced fried chicken sandwich and the pork burger bao to name two. Also, the spiced pork stew over rice and the hand rolled pork & veggie dumplings.

The menu choices were very reminiscent of street food I have had in Taiwan, which was really exciting…

– Yu-Ling (chef & owner)